Ensure the Antenna is Mounted Correctly

A 0dBi antenna radiates in a perfect sphere, when gain is applied to the signal, the radiation pattern is compressed vertically and stretch horizontally, creating a donut / disc shape.

The higher the gain of the antenna, the flatter and wider the donut shape is and the further the signal will travel. However, due to the flattened radiation pattern, there is less vertical tolerance and more precision is needed when mounting the antenna.

The router transmits a fixed amount of power, the antenna does not increase or decrease the power of the signal, it focuses the signal to help transmit over larger distances.

UniteCom Antenna Gain Donut Tran
UniteCom Antenna Gain Straight
UniteCom Antenna Gain Tilted

Are You Using the Right Antenna

High gain antennas are great for reaching large distances as long as the antenna is mounted at the correct angle to direct the signal towards the tower.

UniteCom Antenna Gain 9dBi Flat
UniteCom Antenna Gain 3dBi Flat

Lower gain antennas are great for when the height of the antenna or tower is a factor, as a larger vertical area is covered.

UniteCom Antenna Gain 3dBi Hill
UniteCom Antenna Gain 9dBi Hill

A high gain antenna is not always the answer!